eigenklang is an experimental playground for your senses, an invitation to your playful soul and – for some – it can be therapy.
We invite you to join us on a journey of sounds that will take you to places you have never experienced before.


eigenklang is experimenting with new ways of creating interactive musical happenings, blurring classical boundaries between listener and artist, music and coincidence, reality and perception.
The eigenklang happening is an exercise for equal status between everybody and for non-verbal communication through sound. Because music always has been the language everybody understands.


every eigenklang happening is a uniqe experience. during our explorations in time and space the eigenklang collective has set up its spaceship in many places, each different from another. From interventions in public space to intimate shamanic sound rituals, from workshops in schools to magical soundscapes at major music festivals, the playful spaces we create turn the audience from passive listeners into playful musicians and – hopefully – into a fantastic orchestra of sounds.


Ola! We are eigenklang, an audio/visual art collective from Kassel, Germany.

We do happenings of sound and space, we enchant many people, we make people forget who they think they are, we do therapy of sound and we can stop time, at least for the duration of our performance.
Since around two years we are on the road with our project eigenklang, helping people connecting to others and finding new ways to themselves through sound and music and through an atmosphere of consciousness.
This spring we returned to Germany doing many shows and trying to life from our art. After our summer tour 2019 we moved to France countryside to start our new project Anwesend where we create a sustainable place for gatherings in nature. We set up our interactive music studio and invite you to visit us at home. Please support our project and keep the magic going <3

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