Since we started our audiovisual journey in 2018 we recorded and documented  our interactive installations. From some events we produced already some content to refresh the audiovisual memory. We invite you to take a look and don´t forget ** all our content is created binaural – so put on your heaphones for 3D sound **

How It Works by Nora and Johann Schlaufe

So this is what happens when a bunch of creative people spend quarantine in France together due to Corona Virus: A song and a video.

Music Nora and Johann Schlaufe 
Video Valma and Beatrixé 
Post Gonzalo Patalagua
Performers: Malauke, Laurence, Luana, Peter, Umaé, Marina, Shiva, 
Supported by Sylvie, Nordin, Yannic and Oscar 
Special thanks to wonderful Anwesend project in Pouilly-Sur-Vingeanne, France.

En memoria de Alejandro Llinás

in memory of our friend Alejandro Llinas Suárez we publish this video to remember him and raise awareness for the ongoing killings of social leaders in Colombia. The community leader and environmental defender was murdered on Thursday 23 April 2020 by unknown assassins in the rural area of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, in the department of Magdalena, in northern Colombia.

Video: Beatrixé & Valma
Sound: Kollektiv eigenklang
Audio-Mastering: Johann Schlaufe
Footage: Nikhiil Konrad, Alejandro Llinas, Beatrixé

"Tout ce qu'elle croit" une lecture-concert audio visuelle et binaurale

An immersive experience within an intimacy. A family under the control of an abusive father. Touch by touch, the words make the memories vibrate. The emotional diving is deepened with the eigenklang experience. The performance by Anne Lauricella and the music by Jak Belghit are captured live in 360° image and binaural sound by the kollektiv eigenklang, at Anwesend, Dijon, for a most peculiar literary show.

The novel Tout ce qu’elle croit was published in France, in February 2020, Buchet-Chastel Editions. performance by
Anne Lauricella
Music by Jak Belghit

Vamos Sembrando feat. Daniela Montenegro

On our travel we recorded this magic moment during an eigenklang-performance in a beautiful maloca in Minca, Colombia.

Voice: Daniela Montenegro /
Guitar: biomigrant /
Everything else: eigenklang Mix, Edit and Mastering: flolento
Visuals: @ Béatrixe
Video: @Nikhiil Konrad

Was ist eigentlich eigenklang?

Eigenklang ist unbeschreiblich. Aufgrund wechselnder Settings, unterschiedlichster Teilnehmer*innen und dem Forschungsdrang des gleichnamigen Kollektivs ist jede Erfahrung anders. Eigenklang-Happenings sind und bleiben mobil. In den vergangenen 2 Jahren performten wir schon an den unterschiedlichsten Orten – von Clubs, Festivals und Galerien über Wohnprojekte bis hin zu Straßenkreuzungen und Regenwaldlichtungen…

Edit: Johann Schlaufe
Camera: Florian Sandkühler / Malin Schmid / Nikhil Konrad / Béatitude
Sound: Johann Schlaufe / Peter Power 
Recorded & Produced: Anwesend / Dijon / France

Interactive Audiovisual Walk-through Villa Cassis in 360° at Anwesend

Bonjour et bienvenue à la Villa Cassis! Wir präsentieren den audiovisuellen 360° Walk durch die Villa Cassis auf dem Anwesend. Begleitet Beatitúde, le Clown de la bande, durch die Räumlichkeiten der Villa und lasst euch von unseren Gästen und der eigenklang–artigen Akustik überraschen!

Video: Beatrixé
Soundtracks: kollektiv eigenklang recordings from 
Voodoohop Heliodora/Brasil, 
Firlefanz Spielplatz/Germany, 
Kinderspace at fusion Festival,
Fieldrecordings from Anwesend/France

Pizza Party! A delicious mix by Flolento & Peter Power

Pizza makes everyone happy, so does music. Ol’ Peter and monsieur Flo spun out a hot selection of slow stone baked tracks with various cheesy toppings for chopping, starting the fire, feasting, digesting & dancing in the Anwesend-Pizzeria on New Years Day 2020. Merci Beaucoup!

kollektiv eigenklang feat oilst - guajira desert jam

Beginning of January 2019 the collective eigenklang landed their spaceship from Bogota to a very special region in the north of Colombia: “La Guajira”. On board we had a special friend: Oilst – an electronic music producer from Zürich, Switzerland. There was no electricity on this desert planet – so we developed an off-grid eigenklang setup only running with batteries and powerbanks. Enjoy

DUO POESIK & kollektiv eigenklang - Dakar D'avril

Le Duo Poésik en résidence à Anwesend – Dijon. Une exploration sonore et visuelle de l’univers du Duo par le collectif Eigenklang et sa touche singulière et poétique. Le début d’une belle collaboration. Duo Poesik in residence in Anwesend – Dijon. A sound and visual exploration of the Duo’s universe by the collective Eigenklang and their singular and poetic touch. The beginning of a nice collaboration.

Poem and Vocals: Anne Lauricella
Live Visuals: Beatrixe
Mastering: Johann Schlaufe & Jak Belghit

Anwesend - Zeit und Raum für Entschleunigung, Kunst, Kultur & Soziales

Auf dem Anwesend findet das Kollektiv nun ein traumhaftes Zuhause für die Installation. Für die Crowdfunding-Kampagne produzierten wir das Video für unser Lebensprojekt.

In unserem neuen Eigenklang-Studio laden wir Kunstschaffende und Neugierige aller Altersstufen ein, gemeinsam Musikvideos, Instrumente und Hörspiele zu produzieren, mit nach Hause zu nehmen oder mit der ganzen Welt zu teilen. À plus tard!

Anwesend – Homepage 
Unsere Kampagne auf Startnext

interactive ORGANIC LIGHT VECTOR - Heliodora Voodoohop

Organic Light Vector. Live visuals project based on the audiovisual interaction in space. Experimenting with the camera as a visual-joystick using the feedback of the live-projection we are able to create interactive images, color effects and animations

at Voodoohop 10 Anos Na Cachoeira
together with the @Eigenklang family,
Eli la payasa and VOODOOHOP

Eigenklang im Kinder Space at Fusion Festival 2018

Experimental short movie documentation about Eigenklang at the Kinder Space 2018. We played and improvised with curious kids, great musicians and excited guests. 

edit: Johann Schlaufe,
camera + visuals: beatrixé

More tracks on the “Kinder Space” – EP on 

eigenklang - organic light vectors

eigenklang live recording at LA BAKANA / Bogotá together with Alex Caro and Javier Ariza playing the guitars with magic fingers around our sensitive microfones.
Beatrixe puts on some nice live visuals while at the same time filming this beautiful one-shot video. Gracias a todxs!

Video Flolento or Beatrixé or both
Music: eigenklang
Tiple-Colombian Guitar: Javier Ariza & Alex Caro

New Year Transition Ceremony

Experimental short movie documentation about Eigenklang at the Kinder Space 2018. We played and improvised with curious kids, great musicians and excited guests. 

What you see here is a excerpt of the full ceremony which can be heard here:… 
Some samples we used during the performance can also be found on the album of eigenklangs Johann Schlaufe. here:
Video: Flolento

Interactive Public Space intervention in Bogota - Las Aguas

On December 7th we teamed up with artists from Bogotá for a day long public space intervention at a beautiful corner in Las Aguas, central Bogotá. We placed our binaural microphones in the center of the place, recording both the natural soundscape of the space and its surroundings as well as the sounds of the people that take part. We then play along with a loopstation and some magic on the little maquinas de musica… Everyone wearing a headphone gets connected to this other sound reality and can take part in it. The scene here took place right after sunset and is part of a longer documentary about this project.

Special credit to Alexander Caro on the guitar and Edgar Villamizar playing the flute.
Video Flolento 

Eigenklang at Off space LA BAKANA / Belen - Bogota

Eigenklang is an interactive & improvised audiovisual performance! In November 2018 we created in an artist residency in LA BAKANA in the center of Bogota.  This is a short recording of our very first eigenklang happening in Colombia. 

camera: Beatrixé & Rodri Morán
visuals: Beatrixé & Rodri Morán
edit: Florian Kieskühler

eigenklang interactive Music Performance @ Oewerall festival 2018

short documentary of our summer tour in 2018 with our collective eigenklang _ interactive music performance. This experimental music video was shot a oewerall-festival where the music of the video was live produced within the interactive eigenklang instalation with the people from oewerall. enjoy trippy 3D-sound with headphones!

visuals: eigenklang floor _ 3 days improvised eigenklang live @ Liebe Bar – oewerall eigenklang
Artists: Johann Schlaufe _ Flolento _ Malauke _ BEATRIXÈ _ Marinade _ Yannik live jam: voodoohop – Peter Power _ Ricardo Vincenzo _ Luana Schwengber _ 7e _ Ostapotheke – Mateo _ friends Parole Emil and everyone else :*
camera: Adriano Agostinacchio & BEATRIXÈ
production: Adriano Agostinacchio _ Kese films 2018
music: live improvised in the performance

eigenklang live binaural experience birthday of the installation

eigenklang is a happening of sound. It is an experimental playground for your senses, an invitation to your playful soul and – for some – it can be therapy. We invite the audience to join us on a journey of sounds. Therefore we turn you from passive listeners into playful musicians and – hopefully – into a fantastic orchestra of sounds. Using a sensitive mic and a loopstation we are able to create multi layered soundscapes which are forming an artificial sound reality inside our ears. Each individual of the participating group feels connected to each other based on the universal language of sounds.

eigenklang, recorded live in Kassel @ feinmechanik
camera: Paul Mayer, Nikhiil Konrad
edit: Florian Kieskühler Johann Schlaufe und die Rasselbande