Eigenklang Studio

@ Anwesend, Pouilly-Sur-Vingeanne, France

New home

The Eigenklang collective finds a dreamlike home for the installation. In our new Eigenklang studio, we invite artists and curious people of all ages to produce music videos, instruments and radio plays together, to take them home or share them with the whole world. À plus tard!


In our interactive studio you can playfully produce music or radio plays together under professional guidance and have a special sensory experience in a group.

We designed and set up the music studio and the Eigenklang method with the aim of providing a very low-threshold and interactive access to music. Especially people who consider themselves inexperienced or shy should be able to experience their own creative expression and their own sounds in our studio. In order to facilitate this, we draw on a wide range of musical, technical but also music pedagogical know-how, based in particular on our experience with the music project Eigenklang.

In our studio there is a variety of sounds to try out and enjoy. Besides classical and electronic instruments Eigenklang works with everyday objects and sound generators from music therapy.

The studio also offers equipment and space for movement and other art forms such as dance, yoga or theatre rehearsals.